The Good Life

Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well.  ~Marcus Valerius Martial

I am on a mission. It started the other day while I was doing homework for my critical issues class. The assignment was to study the effects of stress on a person’s health. I went to the library and found a book that interested me, thinking it could be some fun and light reading. Instead I found myself glued to it, reading page after page about the ways that a person can relieve stress and live a healthier, happier life. As I read I came to realize that this was an incredibly important health topic that I knew very little about! Due to my curiosity I have decided that instead of just writing about the tips that the book gives, I am going to try them out first hand. As I go through the book, I will follow the advice it gives paired with a few of my own stress relievers – eating and living well. What better place to explore my passion than an amazing city like DC?

I started with living well. I am in a new city, attending a new school, and am ready to get involved and take advantage of my new surroundings. Therefore, my first step was a no-brainer and I am now a member of my school’s student council. Having the chance to plan fun and healthy events while meeting new (and awesome) people? Yes, please!

Next, I began my weekend with my friend Chelsea and her boyfriend Alex to enjoy the beautiful afternoon at Jazz in the Garden.

We enjoyed some fruity sangria, a fresh baked garlic baguette, and low-fat cheese flavored with sundried tomato. All while listening to the lulling sounds of Jazz music. I can feel the stress melting away already…

The next night, my fellow RD and fabulous friend Danielle and I went out for an evening at Co Co Sala, an amazing chocolate inspired lounge and boutique. It was in celebration of her birthday, and a perfect way to spend it if I may say so myself. The restaurant was cool and chic, and the food incredible. Since the restaurant focuses on the desserts, they serve perfectly portioned main dishes with fantastic flavor. Danielle started with a crab cake, and I got a chicken caesar flatbread. Then it was time for the desserts.

Each of our desserts were a fluffy mousse with a surprise filling, a light and tasty sorbet (Danielle’s was pomegranate champagne!) and a bon bon. Delectable! Even though the desserts were rich we left feeling satisfied and not too full. Therefore we highly recommend this place 🙂

Today it was time for eating well, to make up for the indulgences of the past weekend. I started my morning with my Fall staple – warm oatmeal topped with cinnamon, flax seed and banana, and mixed with a touch of vanilla extract. Benefits of this breakfast:

  • Oats- Helps lower cholesterol
  • Flax seed- Natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids- healthy fats to aid in cardiovascular health!
  • Cinnamon- Studies are showing increasing health benefits from this tasty spice- more info soon to come
  • Banana- Potassium
  • Vanilla extract- Sweet flavor without the added sugar and calories!

I enjoyed this in bed. I love rainy Sundays.

This weekend I shopped at Whole Foods and stocked up on veggies to make a refreshing and colorful salad. This definitely added some brightness to the cloudy day! I used spinach as the base and topped it with onion, tomato, carrot, red pepper, cucs, organic black beans and fat free balsamic. This salad was full of fiber, protein and essential nutrients to keep me full and satisfied until my next meal.

On a side note: I added this last picture to show off the salad bowl painted by yours truly. One of the many perks of having an artistic roommate are days spent doing self-painted pottery!

Take home: As long as the majority of your meals are balanced and nourishing, it is possible to eat out guilt-free! How you mix up your meals is completely up to you and your lifestyle. The choice is yours. Have It Your Weigh.


2 thoughts on “The Good Life

  1. I love your oatmeal breakfast… it looks so good!! I might have to try that tomorrow 🙂 The book sounds like a great read. I will have to check that out! Great post girlie!!

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