“The perfect meal is the meal you need right now.” – Anthony Bourdain

What a fun, crazy and memorable week I just had! This weekend was the annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) held by the American Dietetic Association. This year 10,000 dietitians made their way to the fabulous city of Boston for lectures, reunions, food and fun.

On Friday Danielle and I shipped to Boston, matching bags in tow

Once we arrived our first stop was with one of my best friends from high school, Steph! Steph was ready to show us a fun night, so we started out at her new favorite restaurant, Lower Depths. On the menu: tater tots! (everything in moderation, right? 😉 )

My favorite were Tots Supreme, with balsamic reduction and caramelized onions. They look intense, but they were delish!

After dinner we hit the town and had a great time. Our group:

Big thanks to Steph for having us and showing us an amazing night in Boston :).

The next morning it was time to check out some of the sights! Our first stop was Fenway park.

Followed by a much awaited trip to Quincy Market, where I ran into a group of Syracuse Thetas! I was so excited that I forgot to snap a pic, but it was the best surprise.

We then followed the Freedom Trail to an awesome Farmers Market. Look at these prices!!

Visiting this market was bitter-sweet. We were excited to see such great deals, but upset that these prices aren’t available everywhere, as they should be! Mission reasonably priced produce for all…

From there we went to little Italy

Then hiked to the opening of the conference at the Boston Convention Center!

Within 30 minutes of being there I ran into so many people that I knew. Biggest reunion I’ve ever been to!

After the opening, Danielle and I were on a mission to find the hippest Boston vegetarian restaurant, but being tourists we had no clue where to start. We wandered the streets (for nearly 2 hours) and got a recommendation to a great vegan/vegetarian restaurant called the Other Side. I wasn’t able to document pics, but we got some delicious raw eats, and vegan delicacies. Success!

After the longg day it was time to unwind with only one thing…ROCKBAND!!

Steph was on the drums, Danielle on guitar and me on vocals. We were born with talent..

And that was day one. Ready for the rest!? Let’s go!

The next morning was a 5 am wake up call for a breakfast sponsored by the Raisin Board.

There was Raisin inspired food, and a great presentation by Dr. Jim Painter on Mindless Eating. He was one of my favorite speakers of the weekend

After the breakfast, we started on our FNCE journey. The next three days were filled with amazing lectures including:

Chocolate and Health

Eating Green with RD’s Kate Geagan and Jackie Newgent

And others about eating disorders, farming methods, the fat debate and more.

There were also healthified food demonstrations (featuring the Diet Diva herself, Tara Gidus!)

and hundreds of companies sampling mostly-healthy products

There were research presentations (featuring my Professors from Syracuse!)

And the best part of all: reunions! Both Syracuse and Penn State had alumni receptions where I saw many friends, Professors and past intern preceptors

Another great part was the foodie celebrities! I got 3 signed books, including a book by the one and only Hungry Girl, Lisa Lee!

(Thank you Tara for introducing us!)

Also on the celeb list was Food Network and Travel Channel Star, Anthony Bourdain! He was the final speaker of the conference.

His presentation was awesome! Healthy and real messages that everyone could relate to. I will definitely be following his show from now on.

After saying goodbye to old friends, Danielle and I met up with her friend Keelan for our last Boston dinner. Keelan wouldn’t let us leave without trying Mr. Bartley’s Burgers, known for its clever burger names and delicious food.

I got the turkey burger version of the Tony Parker and Danielle got the turkey version of Lady Gaga (which they lovingly called Turkey Gaga). By far the best Turkey Burg I’ve ever had.

Sadly after our dinner it was time to head home. The trip was so fun, but very tiring! Most days we looked like this

so we were ready for some R&R 🙂

Due to an overwhelming amount of giveaways we had to lug back all the goods, but it was worth it! Some of my favorite take-homes

Whew! What a whirlwind! This weekend was hectic but I learned a ton, met incredible people, and spent quality time with some of my favorite friends/dietitians. Thanks to Steph and Keelan for hosting us, and to everyone else for a memorable trip. I already can’t wait until the next conference!

Until next time, have a healthy and happy Friday and weekend.


3 thoughts on “FNCE!

  1. Wow that whole weekend looked amazing! I def would have been all over the Tots Mexicana. And those farmer’s market prices were amazing….soo jealous!

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