Gone Hiking

We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink… ~Epicurus

My ideal Sundays are those when I wake up and bake, with my favorite Pandora tunes playing in the background. Yesterday was the perfect day for this, so I picked a recipe from my favorite, fANNEtastic food, and baked away.

This Sunday’s creation: Oatmeal Banana Coconut cookies!

I love Anne’s recipes because they’re simple, healthy and always taste great. Sunday’s featured recipe included my favorites:

  • Flax, oats and whole wheat flour for fiber
  • Bananas in place of butter = fewer calories and fat
  • Greek yogurt for texture and protein
  • Raisins and coconut for deliciousness

I followed Anne’s recipe, but substituted the maple syrup with Agave Nectar. The result? A deliciously healthy cookie. Perfect for a guilt-free treat (as long as you can stick to just 1 ;))

These cookies were made to redeem myself for my lack of cooking this weekend. My friends and I planned a potluck and I was all set to make an awesome dish but some car issues got in the way. More about that later, but first: another exciting DC weekend!

On Friday American University gave out free tickets to the Washington Wizards vs Charlotte Bobcats game! My friends and I started the night at a restaurant called RFD, known for its extensive beer selection. After a fun dinner and a sampling of good drinks we checked out the game. 

Our seats were so good that we could touch the ceiling

The stadium was a bit empty, and the teams not as entertaining as I hoped, but we got into it and had a great time anyway!

After the game we ventured out (and saw Roomie Rachel!), and headed home fairly early. I was happy with the decision because the next morning Marisa and I ran the Turkey Trot 5k at AU! A small group of us raced around the track

and Marisa won first place for the girls! I was so impressed as she crossed the finish line at 21 minutes .

The winners:

Congrats Marisa!

I finished the race at 27:57 and was very happy with my time. I was also excited about the awesome goodies we were sent home with. Free AU bag and water bottle

and samples of coconut water! (high in potassium, electrolytes and taste)

After the race we met up with some friends and were ready for a fun-filled day of hiking in Maryland!

Unfortunately my car had other plans and I got a flat tire before we even left Cleveland Park.

I made it to an Exxon where we discovered that I didn’t have the right tools to get my wheel off. So we ended up waiting nearly two hours before help arrived.

My friends were troopers while we were camped out at the station. We socialized

played soccer

and had a picnic on the picturesque Exxon lawn

Finally the tow truck came and whisked my car to safety.

I am so lucky to have the most understanding friends. They were so helpful during the whole ordeal and didn’t complain once. Thank you guys 🙂

Although we were two hours behind in our hiking plans, we didn’t let it stop us! We ventured onward to Maryland to make the most of the beautiful Saturday.

We didn’t find the hiking trail we were aiming for, but we were happy to be outside enjoying the scenery. And the puppies!!

We barely made it 5 steps before stopping to play with these pups. I think Jen was the happiest (You reading this Dave? ;))

On our way to the falls we stopped to hang out with our shadows

Jen was determined to spell out the word Health. She was a dedicated “H” (all the way to the left)🙂

The trail provided picture-perfect views

Fun day!

After our semi-hike, the next event on our agen-da was a potluck dinner!! Brenna was nice enough to host us at her lovely home. Upon arrival the house smelled like a sweet fall day, as she was heating up some TJ’s mulling spice.

This stuff is a must buy.

There was also delicious cinnamon cheese with apples.

The potluck menu was a veggie inspired Mexican meal. We had some guac and salsa provided by Jen (with a little help from her bf…)

veggie tacos

and some bubbly

After a delicious meal the boys came for an intense game night and some holiday movies! It was a fabulous time with some of my favorite people 🙂

After the fun-filled weekend, Sunday was a much-needed relax day. I baked my redeeming cookies, had Sunday din with my favorite couple, “watched football”, and caught a cold. 3 out of 3 of us in our office are sick, so our school name has temporarily changed from the School of Education, Teaching and Health to…

Loading up on the Vitamin C!! Stay healthy with sleep and nutritious foods! And have a wonderful week.


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