Allie in CT

You don’t have to live forever. You just have to live- Tuck Everlasting

This week marked the first annual Allison in Connecticut Adventure! My friend Katie’s mom is a biology teacher at Connecticut College, and asked me to guest speak for her Freshman Seminar class. I jumped at the opportunity and spent the last few days in Connecticut with one of my best friends and her family, as well as some family members of my own!

Upon arrival to Katie’s home I was welcomed by their fun-loving pup, Asbury. She is featured multiple times in this post so get ready.

Their area of Connecticut is the epitome of New England with large forests and nature trails everywhere. On the first morning, Katie, her mom, their good friend and I ventured into the woods for a scenic 3.5 mile hike.

The pups, Asbury and Hank, joined as well

Asbury has a thing for sticks that are 3x her size…


It was a perfect way to spend the morning.

The hike made us work up an appetite, so our next stop was Mystic Market for some grub

I got a tasty grilled veggie and hummus wrap, and then it was off to Connecticut College for my presentation!

My presentation focused on a variety of important nutrition topics: Breakfast (I know), Front of Package Labeling, How to Read a Nutrition Label and Organic vs Conventional Farming. The students had great questions and doing the presentation was a very rewarding experience.

Big thanks to Mrs. Warren for the amazing opportunity!

After the class Katie showed me around Connecticut College. She had worked in the Arboretum for several summers and was eager to give me a tour

Hey there, reflection

My favorite:🙂

That night consisted of a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant and a wild “Life” marathon. Such an interesting show.

Katie’s mom had mentioned a cute bakery/restaurant, Felicia’s Sweetface Pastry Shop, that serves an oatmeal bar so this was clearly our first stop the next morning.

Oatmeal bar! I was SO happy.

Oatmeal topped with raisins, almonds, wheat germ (high in nutrients and fiber), coconut, a few chocolate chips and a side of peaches.


The bakery was so cute, I had to document

Highly recommended dining experience

After breakfast Katie, Asbury and I road tripped 20 minutes to Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Our stop? A beautiful beach! I have missed the beach so much since being in DC, so when Katie mentioned a trip I was ready in a heart beat!

We took a scenic drive through the area, bundled up in layers, and enjoyed Napatree beach.

Some of my shots:

And Katie’s:

We hiked to the point and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and weather. And then we went shopping 🙂

After our adventure we were in the mood for some warm soup and remembered seeing delicious options earlier at Felicia’s.  We ended up back there and each ordered the Pasta Fagioli served with a hearty slice of their homemade bread.

and some delicious cinnamon spice tea

The bread there was so good, I had to take some home to share.

Definitely worth the return visit!

To go with the nutrition theme of the week, Katie’s mom organized a class dinner to a local restaurant, La Belle Aurora. They purchase their food from local and organic farms and the meals are made depending on what foods are in season! We were offered a prix fixed menu to choose between select items

To start I had the Beet, Orange, Goat Cheese and Pistachio parfait

Followed by the Late Fall Vegetable Plate

And an Apple and Honey Tart for dessert

The food was incredible! It definitely had to do with the fact that the food is local and organic which = fresh and delicious taste.

After dinner, Katie and I went out with her sister Jenna and a group of her friends. Connecticut is known for its casinos, so I had to experience a night at Mohegan Sun. We didn’t gamble (for the better) but it was great to experience.

The next morning Katie and I had a sad goodbye, but I know we’ll be reunited again soon!

It just so happens that my family lives in the same area of Connecticut, so that day I met up with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin for some fun. My cousin Megan is an acupuncturist and she and a few other holistic doctors joined together to preview the documentary “Forks over Knives” (out in March, 2011) portraying vegetarian and vegan diets and their impact on health.

The sold out (!) movie was held at Mystic Village Cinemas

Megan discussed her work before the viewingThe movie was amazing. It portrayed research done on the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet and it definitely made me think. There were a few things that I had different opinions about but overall I thought it was well done and an eye-opener for many.

After the movie they served vegan inspired dishesFruit, veggie sushi, “salmon” pate, and a pancake made with all vegan ingredients.

On our way back we stopped at Megan’s office where she practices her acupuncture. Her office has 4 rooms, inspired by each of the seasons. My favorite was Winter

I can’t wait to come back and get a treatment of my own 🙂

Next we stopped by my Aunt and Uncle’s scenic home

And then it was time for the other main event! The Nature Center in the area was hosting a silent auction in a mansion on UConn’s campus.

We were greeted by this nice fellow

Great things up for auction

I bid on the Beatles goodies and almost won!

They also served delicious Organic food

And themed drinks

There were live animals

And fabulous people. My cousin Megan and Uncle Frank

What an amazing few days! Thank you so much to everyone for having me and showing me a fabulous time in Connecticut. I’m already looking forward to my next visit 🙂

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving week!!


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