Nutrilicious (adj) – 1.  Something that is both delicious and nutritious

This Thanksgiving I decided to whip up a couple of healthy sides for our holiday dinner! On the menu, Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Quinoa and a revamped version of Pumpkin Cornbread.

I started with the Pumpkin Corn Bread, which Danielle and I had made at our pumpkin party a few months back. The recipe was amazing so I wanted to make it again, but this time amp up the nutrition by substituting some ingredients.

I substituted the following:

  • Smart balance for regular butter- slightly decreases amount of fat, but replaces saturated fat (bad) with mono and polyunsaturated fat (good).
  • Egg beaters for regular eggs- decreases amount of fat, calories and cholesterol.
  • Fat free milk for 1%- Decreases calories and fat

After preparing, out came this yummy pumpkin corn bread, perfect as a healthified side at our Thanksgiving feast!

The verdict? The original recipe produced a moister bread, but this version was still deelish!

Next on the cooking agenda was the Quinoa. I’ve been waiting to try one of Emily’s recipes and was happy with my decision on this dish. I combined the ingredients

and ended up with this tasty mixture.

The fall flavors and wholesome ingredients made it a nutritious and delicious Thanksgiving side. I recommend serving immediately, as I reheated it when I got to my aunt’s place, which made the pumpkin seeds chewy instead of crunchy. Despite this, it was still a hit!

Thanksgiving this year was spent with my family in NY. I went with my parents to my Aunt and Uncle’s and enjoyed a wonderful holiday celebration. For dinner we had a tasty mix of the standards: veggies, stuffing, cranberries, sweet and regular mashed potatoes, and of course, the turkey!

Followed by dessert. I had fruit and a sampling of some perfectly made pumpkin pie and cheesecake.

I also enjoyed quality time with the family.

I ❤ Thanksgiving. It was such a great night!

The trip home to NY also consisted of other fun events:

Unique meals

Father/daughter wine tasting and trail hikes

and fun with a few of my best friends, Steph, Jacki and Rachel


How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I hope you all had a fabulous holiday! Have a healthy and happy week.


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