Christmas in Florida

Greetings from sunny (but very chilly) Florida! This holiday has been a whirlwind not only with Christmas, but with a very special birthday celebration as older bro turned the big 2-8!

The fam had a special b-day celebration for him with some of his favorite things:

Followed by his new favorite, upside-down cake made by yours truly 😉

Unfortunately, Ashley (soon-to-be-sister) and I don’t like lobster so Mom made us a special Chicken dish.

The days after this main event consisted of holiday celebrations Florida-style:

Including farmer’s markets

& Baking

(Pictured: Pumpkin Carrot Muffins and homemade Pumpkin Butter!)

Followed by Christmas Celebrations! Christmas Eve was spent with my amazing relatives

(Who I didn’t get enough pics of)

And Christmas Day with my family! I got some great things:

Including breakfast to one of brother’s favorite places

And money for a new camera!! Stay tuned for bigger and better pictures in upcoming posts 🙂

We ended the night at Ashley’s dad’s where we spent time with this cute santa-pup.


I hope everyone has been having a healthy and happy holiday! And for those of you in the blizzard, stay safe!

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