Knicks vs Heat!

The last day in Florida was a memorable one…

The fam ventured to Miami for the New York Knicks vs Miami Heat Game!

I grew up a huge Knicks fan thanks to my dad and brother, so going to games is always a blast. Sadly I left my Knicks jerseys at home, so I had to sport a ‘Cuse shirt.

Even though I was rooting for the Knicks, it was hard not to notice the Heat firing up the court, mostly thanks to these guys

Especially this one, Lebron James

It’s a love hate.

The Heat were on a roll for most of the night, but we put up a good fight. In the last few minutes, the game got really close

But in the end it was a Heat victory

Still an awesome game to go to!! Maybe next time guys..

During the game I enjoyed a good meal

Delicious chicken tacos. They were surprisingly simple and healthy tasting! Minus the chips…

I also caught Spike Lee rocking his Knicks gear

He was really getting into it!

Watching the Knicks was a great way to end the vacation. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to see them play again.

I’ll leave you with some pics from the rest of the trip to Florida. Enjoy!

Happy Friday Eve!

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