The Past 7 Months

Dear blog,

Before yesterday’s post it had been 7 months since the last time we had spoken! I meant to write, but there were a few things going on. Mostly grad school, but also some fun adventures…

Like snowboarding!!

or snowboarding gone wrong…. In January I went on my first snowboarding trip and was dominating the bunny slope.  But on my first big mountain, I fell and fractured my wrist..

Typing one-handed was tough. Therefore, blogging was put on hold for a bit and my focus was on other things….

Like my brother’s wedding!! Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs Marco!


In February my brother got married to the love of his life and most amazing person, Ashley..(Source)

Wasn’t she a beautiful bride?

We had an amazing weekend in Florida celebrating their marriage with friends and family.


Best weekend ever!

I arrived back in DC in time for a visit from one my closest college friends, Sabrina!

Sabrina was nice enough to visit from NY for a perfect weekend of sightseeing and catching up on life. It went way too quickly.

Hopefully planning a trip to visit her ASAP!

Later in March I traveled to Colorado Springs, Colorado to intern at the American Journal of Health Promotion Conference

It was an amazing week of learning, networking and enjoying the sites of Colorado. Must. Go. Back.

I returned back to DC in time for Cherry Blossom Season!

On April 4th, the Cherry Blossom 10 miler took place in DC. I was supposed to run it, but my wrist injury landed me on the sidelines, so I watched with this guy.

I was bummed that I couldn’t run the race, but ended up having a great time cheering on my amazing friends! Hoping to get in on the action next year.

In May I celebrated my 24th (eek!) and moved into a new studio apartment! And in June, AU friend Tommy got married!

They had a beautiful wedding on the coast of Maryland. Of course we were having too much fun to take a pic of the whole gang, but we definitely have the memories. Congrats again Tommy!

After the wedding it was crunch time. Finals started and after a hectic few weeks it happened…we finished our first year of grad school!! To celebrate, a few of the girls took advantage of the VA countryside for some wine tasting.

I ❤ DC.

For 4th of July weekend, I ventured to upstate NY with Danielle to see her hometown and had an amazing time relaxing, sightseeing, and boating. 

For a full recap, check out Danielle’s blog!

I almost can’t believe how much has happened these past few months. They flew by.

This weekend I have not one, but two amazing people who I get to see in DC. The first is my abroad bff and college friend Katie, and the other was my awesome internship preceptor, Tara Gidus! Both are in town for conferences and I am lucky enough to spend some quality time with them.

Have a happy weekend!

3 thoughts on “The Past 7 Months

  1. Fabulous! I feel like I just went on vacation. Amazing, amazing views! I’ve never been to Colorado so here I come. Nice to know I stil got you back after that trip.

  2. Aw thanks for the kind words, sis!!!! Tommy’s wedding looked beautiful too! You’ve been quite a busy girl…..Loving that peanut butter btw

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