Fancy Food

This weekend was full of fun and new experiences, one being the Fancy Food Show held at the convention center here in DC.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I interned for Orlando dietitian Tara Gidus during my dietetic internship last year. A couple of months ago she mentioned she would be in DC attending this show and I jumped on the opportunity to join.

The Fancy Food Show is a specialty show that exhibits over 180,000 different food products available in the market. This event is for companies to showcase their products and for retail stores, media, etc to find new products to fit their business needs.

Products ranged from cheeses, breads, frozen products and sauces to ethnic, organic, gluten free and everything in between.

Tara was attending the show with fellow dietitian and business partner Cindy Heroux to search for dietitian-approved products to promote through their media work. It was great to attend the show with them and see them work first-hand.

Danielle also joined in on the action!

Though many of the products there were fairly indulgent, there were also some healthy and tasty products too! Some of my favorites included:

Thousands of companies were there displaying their food and I was happy to see some of my favorite products. I also recognized some faces as well.

Recognize this guy? I was inches from one of the sons from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. And then I turned around to see the housewives there as well!(Sorry for the blurry pics)

The housewives were there promoting a new water product, as well as a pasta sauce from their family restaurant. One minute we were walking around and enjoying the show, and the next thing I knew I was talked into trying the sauce, being taped by a camera crew and signing a release form! Though it would be funny, I am hoping that I don’t make it on the TV show when it airs! (In Sept/Oct if you’re wondering). Ohh those housewives.

Other than that, attending the show was a great experience and I learned a lot of valuable information about the food industry and healthy products.

Thank you again to Tara for the invite. And if you’re looking for a great book on healthy eating for pregnancy, check out Tara’s book coming out in November. Pre-sale is available here on Amazon, and includes a recipe from yours truly!

I hope you all had a happy weekend! Stay tuned for a recap on the other half of my weekend with my long-awaited visitor, Katie!

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8 thoughts on “Fancy Food

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  3. Albie!!! Caroline!! Love it. This show looks so yummy I actually just thought about rewinding time, flying up there and eating it all. Just sayin’.

  4. You got some great photos of the event! I’m so jealous that my coworkers were able to attend, but I didn’t get a chance. I will be looking around for your favorite products around DC this summer.

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