Storm Chasers

This weekend one of my favorite people came for a visit:


Katie and I last saw each other in November when I visited her in Connecticut so I was going through withdrawl. Luckily, she had a conference to attend this weekend that was literally minutes from my apartment! She arrived on Thursday and in between our conference duties we had some fun of our own.

Katie is studying art therapy and is a self-proclaimed foodie so the obvious first place to take her was Eastern Market

We left with some fresh produce, and Katie bought a piece of beautiful artwork. We only stayed for a short time, but it was great!

We were in a hurry to get back home for our night-time festivities, so we stopped into We the Pizza for an on-the-go meal. This restaurant is owned by Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn and the pizza is a-mazing. Definitely my favorite pizza place in DC!

We sped home and had a quick change just in time to celebrate friend Shupie’s birthday! I know Shupie through my friends at AU, and she had an amazing party to celebrate her birthday.

The party was 80’s themed. Can you tell?

Luckily Katie is an amazing sport and embraced my colorfully-dressed friends. Plus we were rocking some funky outfits of our own. It was a great birthday celebration!

I spent the next two days at the Fancy Food Show while Katie visited family and friends, and then we all reunited at RFD, a downtown restaurant known for it’s unique beer selection.

Katie, Paige, Josh and I all went to Syracuse together and it was a great night of chatting and reliving some fun college memories.

After dinner we attempted to walk down to the National Mall for some tourist time.

Unfortunately, the weather made a turn for the worse. It didn’t take long for us to turn around and take pictures make a bee-line back to the car. Looks like Katie will just have to make a trip back sometime soon… 😉

It was such a nice weekend, I didn’t want it to end. Love having visitors!

Have a great Wednesday!


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