Extreme Grouponing

Every day I open my e-mail and find a list of amazing deals available in the DC area. And each day I’m tempted by the deals as they are awaiting their purchase. Sometimes I am strong enough to delete them, but often times the deals are too good to ignore.

I admit it: I.Love.Groupons. I’ve bought deals for yoga, smoothies, restaurants, museums, dance classes, you name it. Not only are the deals great, but it’s also the perfect way to explore DC!

I know I’m not alone in this due to the daily messages that I receive from friends (Jen S) that share the same excitement. Our most recent splurge? A kayaking adventure!

This deal featured a kayak on the Potomac river followed by food and drink at Rhino bar in Georgetown

We started the trip at Jack’s Boathouse

Then 50+ people jumped into kayaks to start the adventure

Including friend Jen G

and Danielle!

We kayaked the river for about an hour, passing the Georgetown waterfront, and a few of the monuments!

(Currently working on self-photo skills)

After the kayak trip, it was time to refuel at Rhino bar.

It was incredibly dark inside, so the pics aren’t blog-worthy but the food was great and it was a good end to the outdoor fun. So glad we didn’t pass this deal up!

Groupons are a great (and cheaper) way to get out and enjoy the city. Whether it’s through good food, outdoor adventures or museums and plays, it’s a perfect excuse to see what your area offers. Today I’m using one of the yoga deals that I purchased and am excited to try it out!

What has been your favorite groupon purchase?

Have a great Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Extreme Grouponing

  1. Thanks. I never even really bother to look at them. But after seeing what I am missing I certainly will be checking out the savings. That looked like a perfectly relaxing way to spend the day. You should be a tour guide.

    • Being a tour guide would be awesome. Jen G got asked to be one while we were there!

      There aren’t any Boca groupons that I know of, but Ft. Lauderdale has them! Definitely worth checking out.

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