Summer Lovin’ Part I

If you’re alive, you can’t be bored in San Francisco.  If you’re not alive, San Francisco will bring you to life.  (William Saroyan)

The past 30 days of my life were spent in San Francisco, Florida, and Philadelphia, and I have finally made it back to DC (just in time for an earthquake and hurricane. Oh and school!). Let’s not talk about the fact that I was walking outside during the earthquake and didn’t even feel it! Crazy…

Anyway, in the beginning of August, I spent 9 glorious days in San Francisco sight-seeing and loving life. High school friend Rachel and her roomies were nice enough to let me stay at their apartment for my trip.

I spent each day trying out a new tourist spot and covered a good portion of the city.  Talk about a perfect way to combine exercise and fun! Some of the highlights:


Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf

The “Full House” house!

A trip to Alcatraz

Taking a cable car to Lombard street

And one of my favorite days…biking over the Golden Gate to the quaint town of Sausolito

Other memorable sights included Ghirardelli Square, a day trip to Berkeley, a Little Italy tour, the ferry building, and some amazing shopping and food.

I also had the opportunity to attend the San Francisco Chefs after-party event, thanks to Rachel’s roommate Jared.

At the event there were new friends

Good food

Famous chefs (Tom Pizzica from the Next Food Network Star)

and a hilarious photo booth!

Such a fun night!

Rachel’s townhouse is in the Mission, which is a hip part of town with a lot of flare and artistryLove. San Francisco is now one of my favorite cities and I can’t wait to go back.

Stay tuned for the rest of August! And for those on the East Coast, stay safe during the hurricane. Hoping for the power to stay on for as long as possible…

3 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ Part I

  1. Hey Allison! I’m so glad you had such a nice time! Your pics are great! That picture you took from the Golden Gate of the Sausalito coastline is so funny because I stayed at that resort (cavallo point) the last week of July. Then I was in Berkeley last week! Did you hike the Claremont Canyon? Unfortunately my travels out there were not nearly as fun as yours because I was working, but I did allow a little time for play and had a great time, too. I love San Fran area!
    Hope you’re doing OK getting back to the grind of school! Almost finished! And stay safe this weekend for the hurricane. T

    • Thanks Tara! Luckily the damage in DC during the hurricane wasn’t as bad as expected.

      That’s so funny that you stayed at Cavallo Point! It was beautiful and seemed so nice overlooking the bay. I hope you enjoyed your time there! I was planning on hiking Claremont Canyon, but unfortunately my time in Berkeley was cut short. I may have to have another trip back, which I wouldn’t mind!

      Hope all is well!

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