Increase your Metabolism

The burning question that everyone wants to know is “What can I do to increase my metabolism?”.  I’m sorry to break the news but magic pills and super foods won’t do the trick. Green tea, caffeine and spicy foods are quick fixes with negligible effects. The long-term approach to increasing your metabolism goes back to … Continue reading

Balancing Act

There are many misconceptions about weight loss out there, mainly those that revolve around cutting out food groups and restricting food intake to reach your goals. But what if I told you that eating more instead of less could help with weight loss? Many patients come in telling me about their typical meal plans. They skip breakfast, don’t snack and … Continue reading

Give Carbs a Chance

Carbohydrates. As a nation we love to hate them. They are the first thing to be eliminated from our diets and the first thing we blame for weight gain. Yes, carbohydrates can lead to weight gain, but like most foods it isn’t because they are bad for you but because of the amount that we … Continue reading

Back At It

Well hello there blog! Did you think I forgot about you? I haven’t and I am sorry for not being in touch. Things around here have been very busy! It’s crazy to think that my last post was the summer of 2011. At this time I was knee-deep in my thesis and any time off … Continue reading