Freezer Friendly

The freezer. It is, in many cases, home to unhealthy foods. Ice cream, processed dinners, frozen waffles… But the freezer can actually be one of your biggest aids in healthy eating! It can help you save food, save time, and preserve important nutrients. Have you ever had fruit going bad that you were about to … Continue reading


In February I made a big move and changed jobs. I am now the Registered Dietitian for Georgetown University! (Don’t worry Syracuse, you are still my #1 🙂 ) I learned so much at my last job, but am excited for this new opportunity where I work closely with the students and different organizations on … Continue reading

Move It

Last month I moved for the 4th time in the close-to 3 years I’ve been in DC. I think that my new place may be the one….. 🙂 During counseling sessions, many patients have said that their healthy eating efforts are derailed during a big move or home renovations. In between working and packing and … Continue reading