Move It

Last month I moved for the 4th time in the close-to 3 years I’ve been in DC. I think that my new place may be the one….. 🙂


During counseling sessions, many patients have said that their healthy eating efforts are derailed during a big move or home renovations. In between working and packing and having no supplies or food to eat it can be hard to stay on track! Usually this results in many meals eaten at restaurants or fast food establishments. But don’t let a big move get in the way of your goals. Try the following to help you stay on track.

  • Plan! Create a meal plan that uses what you have on hand to get you through the next couple of weeks
  • Buy plastic cups, plates and silverware to make eating at home possible.
  • Leave some essentials unpacked until the last minute such as a blender and one pot or pan for simple meals.
  • Stock up on ready-to-eat foods such as raw vegetables and lean meats for salads and sandwiches.
  • Choose restaurants or grocery stores to eat where there is a salad bar or healthy options. Load up on greens, lean meat and low fat dressing.
  • Utilize appliances that are staying in your current place such as your oven and microwave.
  • Utilize the freezer! Stock up on healthy frozen meals, frozen fruits and veggies, etc.
  • Mooch off friends. Hehe just kidding 😉


Another way to maintain healthy habits during a move is to exercise. While busy with packing it can be hard to make time for physical activity so use your move as your exercise! Packing, cleaning and lifting can be physically demanding and help you burn more calories. Incorporate healthy eating with movement for a stress-free move.

Stressful life changes such as moving happen often. Try not to let these events be an excuse to derail off of healthy eating habits but instead as an opportunity to be creative and try new things. Have It Your Weigh.

5 thoughts on “Move It

  1. Is that your salad bar at Gtown??? Moving and all other stressful life events do seem like an excuse to eat whatever you want, but this is a good reminder that it’s easy to stay on track! 🙂

  2. ugh! yeah, i did some serious renovations recently and my eating suffered. I normally eat strictly paleo, but i had a lot of soda and other bad “comfort foods” while my house was in shambles. I put on 12lbs over those three weeks and am working them off now.

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