Yoga For All

This week marks the 8th annual DC Yoga Week! DC studios are offering free or $5.00 classes at various times throughout the week and the final event is a yoga session on the Mall. Below is a link to the event and participating yoga studios in the area.

DC Yoga Week

I started this week with a class at STROGA in Adams Morgan.



I love STROGA because of the awesome space. The studio has huge windows that let in a ton of light and the ceiling and chandeliers give it a cool feel. And the classes are great!

Yoga is a good form of exercise and mind/body relaxation but sometimes classes can be expensive. Prices per class in DC range from $15-20 and it varies throughout the country. Luckily there a few ways to get the most out of your practice on a budget.

1. Work/Study: When I first moved to DC I worked at a yoga studio in exchange for free classes. Many studios offer similar deals where you can work at the studio for a few hours per week and get compensated in the form of classes. It was also a fun experience to learn the behind the scenes of a yoga studio.

2. Do Research: Often times yoga studios will offer free classes or a free week to new clients to let them get a feel for the studio. Discounts are also offered when you purchase class packages. Buying several classes at once can help you save up to $7.00 per class. Some studios also have random deals or anniversary specials. Research yoga studios in your area to see what they offer.

3. Discounts: If you are a student, teacher or senior citizen discounts are sometimes available for class packages.

4. Community classes: Most yoga studios offer free or lower rate community classes each week. Many Lululemon locations partner with local studios to offer weekly classes for free as well.

5. National Events: Each year National Yoga Month takes place in September. Local studios get on board by offering discounts and free classes. Take advantage of these events to try out new studios!

6. Gyms: Take advantage of your gym membership by joining a gym that offer yoga classes to participate in.

7. At-home yoga: DVD’s are a great way to get the benefits of yoga at a lower cost. I recommend starting off at a studio and learning the technique before doing the DVD’s.

8. Groupon! Enough said.

Check out local studios in your area to see the best class deals and offers. Try classes and ask questions to choose a studio that fits your needs. Have It Your Weigh.

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