Smart Swaps

A friend recently pointed out an article about how to shave 100 calories from your day. Some suggestions were helpful, others not so much. Instead of focusing on calories, I recommend making healthier swaps in your food choices. Not only will you reduce calorie intake, but more importantly you will increase protein and nutrients while … Continue reading

Fat is Back

Fat, like other food groups, has gotten a bad name. But just like carbohydrates and protein are essential to your diet, fats are too! When nutrition first started getting popular, people were convinced that the cure to good health was cutting the fat out. Sure, fat should be eaten in moderation, but cutting it out … Continue reading

A Healthier ‘Dilla

I don’t know about you, but usually the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is cook an elaborate dinner. As much as I enjoy cooking (love. it.), I like it better when I have time and don’t feel rushed. My go to solutions for this are the following: Prepare … Continue reading

All You Need is Yoga

This post is for the hard core yogis, the sporadic attendees and the yoga-curious. (Source) When yoga first became popular I wondered about the benefits. Research showed that it was great for flexibility, improved mood, strength and overall well-being, but many questioned whether this one practice was enough for your overall health. Did yoga provide … Continue reading

When Nutrition is Confusing

Nutrition is confusing. There are so many diets, trends, research studies, super foods and new age ideas coming for you at all angles. You’ll find them on the internet, in movies, reality shows, magazines, radio, your next door neighbor. One day coconut oil is bad for you and the next day it’s good, one day … Continue reading

The Skinny on Juice

If I could choose one hot trend right now it would be juices. Juice cleanses, Naked Juice, Bolthouse Farms, juicers. They are changing our world one nutrient at a time. (Source) Or are they? Many of these brands claim to be “all natural” and a great way to detox, but for the most part they … Continue reading

Are You Deficient in Vitamin D?

If you aren’t getting enough sun (hello, winter!) then you might be deficient in Vitamin D. This deficiency has become very common in the US and is considered a pandemic. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, strong muscles and a healthy heart, while low levels of Vitamin D can be associated with cardiovascular disease, … Continue reading