Homemade Hippie Bowl

Look no further for your next Sunday dinner, friends. This dish is easy to make, healthy, vegan, gluten free and very very tasty. It doesn’t get much better than that! We call this delicious pile of nutrients the Hippie Bowl. I have seen this dish in restaurants and one of my favorite bloggers decided to … Continue reading

Florida in Pictures

Last weekend the bf and I took a trip to Florida to visit the fam! The trip consisted of friends, food, beach and my favorite pup (sorry to all of my other puppy friends out there). Enjoy some of my favorite moments! Have a great weekend! 🙂    

Are There Really Winners on the Biggest Loser?

Weight loss TV shows know how to get you hooked. You follow people on their journey to losing weight, learn about their struggles and secret past, then see them shed hundreds of pounds and become the person they have always dreamed of. They are in shape, healthy and have never felt better and being on … Continue reading

Slow Cooker Vegan Lentil Chili

This winter is never ending so I have taken things into my own hands. Vacation in Florida! The perfect escape from the snow. One thing I do love about the cooler months is this beauty. My intake of crock pot meals increases noticeably in the winter and I’m not complaining! There’s nothing better than coming home after … Continue reading

Is soy good or bad for you?

Is soy linked to breast cancer? Can eating too much soy increase estrogen levels? Is soy bad for you if you are a male? These common questions are often asked about soy. So what should we believe? Research around soy is ongoing, but there are a few things that have been revealed. Soy intake can … Continue reading

A Healthier Shamrock Shake

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from snowy DC! Is anyone doing anything fun to celebrate? My celebrations included the St. Patty’s 8k and staying warm today with this snow. Also this delicious drink! Around this time each year McDonald’s comes out with the Shamrock Shake. A decadent green drink made with vanilla ice cream, shake syrup, … Continue reading

Chobani Simply 100

One of my favorite snacks is Greek Yogurt. Anyone else out there? Greek yogurt is a great mix of carbohydrates and protein to give you energy and keep you feeling satisfied between meals. It is a healthy choice and one that I often recommend, especially Chobani. (Source) I prefer certain brands of Greek Yogurt and … Continue reading