What I’m Reading Now

Happy Friday all! The weather is getting slightly warmer in DC making life a little bit happier 🙂

I’m reading a lot of interesting things both for work and play and wanted to share with you all.

For Work

A lot of my counseling centers around Intuitive Eating, listening to your body and being realistic in your goals. This is a great article about perfectionism and how to use this trait to fuel positive thoughts around your body image and health rather than negative. Perfectionism-Its Joys and Perils

Is your job affecting your health? Sitting for long hours each day and working in hostile work environments can contribute to overweight and obesity. This article finds certain jobs that may be more likely to have this effect. Ironically health care work is one of the highest ranked! Certain Jobs have Stronger Link to Obesity

More reasons to eat your fruits and veggies! Studies have always shown that the rate of mortality decreases as fruit and vegetable intake increases. This recent study shows that eating 6-7 servings of fruits and vegetables helps lower your risk of death. Lowering Risk of Death with Fruits and Vegetables

If you really want to know what a dietitian eat, read this article. This dietitian nailed it! What a Dietitian Eats

Favorite Blogs

I have several go-to food and nutrition blogs that I read on the daily. Below are my favorites for good recipes, healthy living and nutrition facts. You’ll see many of the recipes on here coming from their sites.

Daily Garnish

Kath Eats

Eat Live Run

fAnnetastic Food

For Play

Currently, I am reading The Light Between Oceans, which has been recommended by many. I am not too far in but can already tell it’s going to be good!

light between oceans

My past two reads were The Fault in Our Stars and Where We Belong. I highly recommend both of these books. Great story line and fast reads. You won’t be able to put them down!

If you are reading anything interesting, please share! Have a great weekend!



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