All You Need is Yoga

This post is for the hard core yogis, the sporadic attendees and the yoga-curious. (Source) When yoga first became popular I wondered about the benefits. Research showed that it was great for flexibility, improved mood, strength and overall well-being, but many questioned whether this one practice was enough for your overall health. Did yoga provide … Continue reading

Yoga For All

This week marks the 8th annual DC Yoga Week! DC studios are offering free or $5.00 classes at various times throughout the week and the final event is a yoga session on the Mall. Below is a link to the event and participating yoga studios in the area. DC Yoga Week I started this week … Continue reading

Move It

Last month I moved for the 4th time in the close-to 3 years I’ve been in DC. I think that my new place may be the one….. 🙂 During counseling sessions, many patients have said that their healthy eating efforts are derailed during a big move or home renovations. In between working and packing and … Continue reading

Increase your Metabolism

The burning question that everyone wants to know is “What can I do to increase my metabolism?”.  I’m sorry to break the news but magic pills and super foods won’t do the trick. Green tea, caffeine and spicy foods are quick fixes with negligible effects. The long-term approach to increasing your metabolism goes back to … Continue reading