5 Delicious Breakfast Ideas

It is no secret that I believe that breakfast is the most of important meal of the day. Research has continuously shown that eating breakfast has many health benefits, from helping  increase your metabolism to helping to prevent overeating later in the day. It can aid in concentration, improve energy, decrease daily calorie intake and … Continue reading

Why You Should Try Greek Yogurt

Over the past couple of years regular yogurt has taken a back seat as the go-to product, while Greek Yogurt has taken the spotlight. (source) Greek Yogurt started becoming popular a few years ago, and is now seen everywhere in grocery stores with sales growing rapidly. Greek Yogurt has been strained to remove the whey … Continue reading

22 Nutrition Fun Facts!

Did You Know?? 1. Chocolate and sweets cravings can be caused by not getting in enough protein. Make sure you are eating adequate protein each day to reduce cravings. 2. Cravings for sweets can also be because you aren’t getting enough carbohydrates. Make sure you are eating carbohydrates at each meal and snack. Carbs include … Continue reading

Eating for Exercise

Did you know that what you eat before, during and after workouts can impact your performance? Eating well not only gives us nutrients and keeps us healthy, but helps us maximize our exercise potential. Eating before a workout gives you the energy you need for optimal endurance. Without proper fuel you may feel sluggish and … Continue reading

Banana Soft Serve

Anyone out there have a food weakness? We all do and I’ll admit that mine is Ice Cream. Luckily frozen yogurt has become a trend, which is a slightly healthier alternative that my body has thanked me for. Even better? Some genius foodies have created an even healthier alternative that is fat free, added sugar … Continue reading

Break Your Food Rut

It is easy to get into a food rut, eating the same things every day and night. We are creatures of habit and when we find what works for us we usually stick with it. I know I have my staples at the grocery store, but I also know the importance of getting a variety … Continue reading

Coconut Oil: Good or Bad?

Any coconut lovers out there? I loove coconut. I love it so much that during my dietetic internship I created a fake research project showing the benefits of coconut, wishing that one day it would be true! (Source)  And according to many, that day has come! Or has it? All over the healthy eating world … Continue reading