Why You Should Try Greek Yogurt

Over the past couple of years regular yogurt has taken a back seat as the go-to product, while Greek Yogurt has taken the spotlight. (source) Greek Yogurt started becoming popular a few years ago, and is now seen everywhere in grocery stores with sales growing rapidly. Greek Yogurt has been strained to remove the whey … Continue reading

Chobani Simply 100

One of my favorite snacks is Greek Yogurt. Anyone else out there? Greek yogurt is a great mix of carbohydrates and protein to give you energy and keep you feeling satisfied between meals. It is a healthy choice and one that I often recommend, especially Chobani. (Source) I prefer certain brands of Greek Yogurt and … Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Almond Granola Bars

For the past 3 weeks I have been serving on Jury Duty. Since I work in a dining hall, my meals are normally provided to me, which means I’m back to packing lunches again (the horror!) I actually really enjoy making lunches for myself, so it’s been nice to get back into a routine. I … Continue reading

Balancing Act

There are many misconceptions about weight loss out there, mainly those that revolve around cutting out food groups and restricting food intake to reach your goals. But what if I told you that eating more instead of less could help with weight loss? Many patients come in telling me about their typical meal plans. They skip breakfast, don’t snack and … Continue reading