My New Favorite Cookbook

When was the last time you used a cookbook? For me, although I have tons of them lining my shelves, I have more recently been depending on the ease of online recipes. Have you seen my Pinterest lately?!

I was starting to wonder why my cookbooks were sitting there gathering dust. Was it me? Had I become one of those people that relies solely on the internet for everything? It’s possible that sadly the answer was becoming yes.

Luckily something happened. For Christmas last year I received a cookbook that I had seen in the book store and openly gawked over. I realized when I got it that it was the first time in a while that I had sat down and looked through every recipe and tabbed different items I wanted to make, excited to try everything.

The Skinnytaste Cookbook- Light on Calories, Big on Flavor(Source)

Behold the Skinnytaste Cookbook. Now, I know many of you have tried her recipes before and perhaps this book is old news. But to those who haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Every person’s dream (especially dietitians!) is to find healthy foods that taste just as good as the original, and she has found the way to do it. From poultry, to fish, steak and desserts, there is something for everyone and the recipes do not disappoint.


Though my online recipe days are far from over, it has been nice to sit down with my cookbook, flip through the pages, and then get different ingredients all over it while I’m cooking (better that than my computer!).

While there are many tasty and healthy recipes available on-line, this cookbook was created with a Dietitian to ensure that the healthiest ingredients are being used and that nutrition information is accurate, which unfortunately isn’t always the case with online information.

coconut chicken

I wanted to share this book with you all since I will often recommend it to my clients regardless of their health and wellness goals. The recipes are easy, delicious and healthy which is a winning combo. Let me know if you’ve tried her recipes before or if you end up buying the book. If you want to try out a delicious recipe before making the commitment of buying the book you can head over to her blog and test something out! Enjoy!

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