Extreme Grouponing

Every day I open my e-mail and find a list of amazing deals available in the DC area. And each day I’m tempted by the deals as they are awaiting their purchase. Sometimes I am strong enough to delete them, but often times the deals are too good to ignore. I admit it: I.Love.Groupons. I’ve … Continue reading

Eat a Rainbow

For foods that provide a powerhouse of nutrition, fruits and veggies are the way to go. But not all fruits and vegetables are created equal. Different colored produce provide different nutrients to aid in our overall health. To get the most out of your meals and to keep your body healthy, eat a rainbow of … Continue reading

Overnight Oats

The weather in DC is HOT. But that doesn’t mean my morning oats ritual is gone. Lately, instead of eating hot oats, I have them cold! Overnight oats are exactly what the name says-oats that prepare themselves overnight.  Overnight, the oats soak up the liquid, making it dense and delicious, and making my morning a … Continue reading

Storm Chasers

This weekend one of my favorite people came for a visit: Katie!! Katie and I last saw each other in November when I visited her in Connecticut so I was going through withdrawl. Luckily, she had a conference to attend this weekend that was literally minutes from my apartment! She arrived on Thursday and in … Continue reading

Fancy Food

This weekend was full of fun and new experiences, one being the Fancy Food Show held at the convention center here in DC. I’ve mentioned a few times that I interned for Orlando dietitian Tara Gidus during my dietetic internship last year. A couple of months ago she mentioned she would be in DC attending … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Lover

Peanut butter lovers: This post is for you. Growing up I didn’t like nut butters. It was a dark time. Then a couple of years ago, I discovered a new-found love for it and everything changed. Peanut and almond butters make their way into many of my meals. I put it on toast, make a … Continue reading

A NY 4th

Even though the 4th of July was a week ago, I can’t help but to post about the fun weekend I had. Being from NY and going to school upstate, NY holds a special place in my heart and spending the weekend there was a perfect way to celebrate America’s birthday. Danielle is a native … Continue reading

The Past 7 Months

Dear blog, Before yesterday’s post it had been 7 months since the last time we had spoken! I meant to write, but there were a few things going on. Mostly grad school, but also some fun adventures… Like snowboarding!! or snowboarding gone wrong…. In January I went on my first snowboarding trip and was dominating … Continue reading


With summer in full swing, one of my favorite foods are now in season: berries! The summer months bring all berries into season-strawberries, blackberries, raspberries-you name it. Harvest is also in action for another, less common berry known as the Acai berry. Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) became popular a few years back when it was claimed … Continue reading